What Do You Call a Person Who Loves Hiking?

Hikers tend to speak in technical terms. This is especially true for long-distance hiking trails like the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail.

Here are a few of the more common phrases you may hear from someone you are dating who hikes. (A few of you may not as well.) mountains. It's slang for any range of mountains.

1. They get up early and are energetic.

Hikers are usually up and on their way before you've had an opportunity to make your first cup of Coco-Pops, as they rise with the sun and set with it. Soon enough, their boots will be laced, and they'll be on their way, and you'll have to stop at Spar to get milk.

They will walk everywhere they go, constantly grinning, because they actually love to walk.

This is partly because they are accustomed to the rhythms of their environment and enjoy spending time in it. But it's also because they know that getting outside will improve their happiness and well-being. They never give up looking for the next ascent, either.

2. They are stylish.

Hikers aren't always fashionable, even if hiking is frequently a more sensible and practical lifestyle than, for example, wearing heels on a night out. Look for sportswear that manages to combine fashion and utility, like this earthy-toned Isabel Marant cotton t-shirt with denim shorts and sneakers. Pair it with a woven bucket bag, like the linen version Helen Kaminski is sporting, to give your outfit fit for a trek a fun and practical touch.

If your hiking partner enjoys a good drink, get them this cute bottle cover with a flannel cover to keep their favorite beverage chilled while on their journey. They might even personalize it with a message or their name for an even more distinctive touch. This would be ideal for any outdoor enthusiast you know who likes to hike.

3. They are very conscious of the environment.

Hikers make a constant effort to practice environmental responsibility. They are probably recycling their old bags and gear. It's also possible—and fantastic—that they're using a solar-powered phone charger.

These individuals possess the ability to narrate astounding stories about their formative years spent on the road. They also have the perfect quantity of supplies; they probably have some super glue in their rucksack in case they need it to put their shoe back on.

Known as hiker trash, thru-hikers are people who occasionally resemble vagrants and impoverished people at town stops on long routes. They usually smell horrible, are dirty, and have given up on their values to focus solely on their fixation.

4. In fact, I find them to be quite fascinating.

For some people, hiking is a favorite activity since it allows them to relax and forget about their difficult circumstances. Along the way, you can experience nature from a different angle and get up close and personal with wildlife.

Because hiking is a very social activity that frequently introduces hikers to new people through hiking organizations and pathways, hikers love it very much. They can also become a part of a close-knit group of friends known as a "Tramily" or "trail family," who go on regular hikes together.

Hikers have seen some incredibly amazing sights and events in their lives. They always have something interesting to say and are able to offer a wealth of knowledge.

5. A romantic vibe surrounds them.

A lovely hike could be a great way to see how your partner handles obstacles in their physical form. It can also serve as a way for you to determine how tolerant and personal they are with you.

They are the ones who take their significant other to a beautiful spot along the route with sentimental gifts like love notes or photos. Making romantic hiking moments with one another is their aim.

They are the ones who will offer to hold your hands in difficult terrain or assist you in climbing over a log. This is a simple yet incredibly beautiful gesture that will make your date feel even more bonded to you and heighten the romantic ambiance during your hike. They also like planning a headlamp descent and dinner at dusk after a strenuous day of trekking.

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