How to Make Camping Feel Like Home

Camping is a fully immersive outdoor experience, regardless of whether you're pulling up a tent in the forest or pulling up your RV in a frontcountry campground. It's a fantastic way to spend time in nature with loved ones as well.

But finding a comfortable spot to camp can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can apply to enhance the homey feeling of your campsite!

Prepare your tent.

It's a good idea to practice setting up your tent before your trip if this is your first time camping. Once your campsite is set up, you'll be more comfortable with the procedure and find it easier to complete it after dark.

Make sure the area you select for your tent is spacious enough to fit both your tent and any additional items you intend to bring to camp. To ensure that there are no sagging sections or areas where water collects close to your tent, make sure the ground is level as well.

Lanterns and string lights can give your tent a more romantic atmosphere. You can even reuse the empty bean tins you saved; just make sure to carefully poke a hole in them according to your preferred design, and then insert a tealight inside for a makeshift glamping experience. Better yet, a hardshell suitcase doubles as a stylish outdoor dining table for elegant get-togethers.

Establish a cosy sitting space.

Even though a campsite can't be a perfect duplicate of your house, it can feel like a comfortable second home with the correct furniture and accents. Repurpose an old hardshell suitcase as a coffee table to keep things simple, or arrange a plush blanket for sophisticated lounging on the ground. Include an outdoor speaker to blast your favourite music and a few camping chairs so the whole family can enjoy reading or stargazing.

Adorn your RV awning with personalised graphics that showcase your hometown or favourite sports team to fully embrace the camping lifestyle. Moreover, solar-powered lights that glow on cloudy nights and recharge during the day can really up your glamping game. You can string them around your tent or along the trail to create an impressive atmosphere. They are also a more environmentally friendly option than conventional propane lanterns.

Assign a space for cooking.

Your camp kitchen is one place where meticulous organisation is essential. You can cook more effectively and with less stress if you set up a tidy, comfortable space. This means designating areas for items such as cooking supplies, fuel, plates, and cutlery so you don't have to search through your camping bin's whole contents every time you need a pan or a set of forks.

Using real plates and cutlery instead of paper or disposable plastic ones can also make the dining experience feel cosier. Impress your family and friends with this simple yet elegant way to add a little luxury to your camping experience!

Claim your campsite by putting up a welcome flag to let everyone know that you are spending the night in your comfortable tent or cabin at this unique location. A few simple outdoor games, such as a game of horseshoes, Frisbee, or foldable cornhole boards, can also get everyone in on some friendly competition.

Customise Your Area

Your campsite can become a comfortable home away from home with a few personal touches, whether you're staying in a tent, RV, or cabin. A framed family photo, candles with comforting scents, a lawn flamingo that is friendly, and other mementos can help make the wilderness feel more like home.

Bring a shoe organiser or hanging sorter to make organising your small belongings (like fresh torch batteries or a cell phone) while camping easy. Your tent or cabin will appear more spacious with the addition of roller shades or a custom day/night shade that blocks out the sun.

Arrange camp chairs or recliners with blankets and throw pillows to create a comfortable reading nook. After that, relax by curling up with a good book, audiobook, or podcast. Alternatively, pack your preferred board games for a fun-filled family evening. If there is a view from your campground, setting up your tent or cabin close to it can provide a picturesque setting. If you enjoy watching birds, consider hanging a bird feeder so you can observe the local fauna.

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