What Sets Glamping Apart From Camping?

Glamping is a relatively new camping trend that combines comfort and nature. Glamping is a more luxurious kind of camping than traditional camping, which commonly entails sleeping in a tent with a sleeping bag.

You can go glamping in an RV, yurt, tent, or other luxurious lodging. These accommodations can shield you from wildlife and are frequently climate-controlled.

Glamping versus camping

A cheap and enjoyable way to connect with the natural world is through camping. However, the absence of lavatory and shower facilities is what turns off a lot of people about camping—rather than the thought of sleeping in a tent or eating boil-in-bag lasagna. A more recent phenomenon that connects traditional camping with the comforts of home is called glamping.

Glamping can be as basic as adding a bed and power to your tent, or it can be as opulent as booking a room in a converted traditional hut that has heating and plumbing. There are countless options.

For individuals who have loved ones or friends who do not like camping, glamping is an excellent alternative. For these visitors, spending time outside and connecting with nature in a cabin or caravan is the perfect way to do so without disturbing other campers. Having four walls and a roof over your head also adds security and helps keep out unwelcome wildlife visitors.

Cabins for camping

There are purists who claim that if you're not sleeping in a tent on the ground, you can't be camping properly. Glamping, however, can be the way to go if you simply prefer to enjoy the outdoors while being cosy and pain-free or if you have health concerns that prevent you from sleeping in a tent.

Fortunately, a lot of campgrounds let visitors choose between standard camping and glamping. Whether you choose to camp in a trailer, RV, or even a glamping tent, you can be certain that you'll have access to facilities like mattresses, WI-FI, and restrooms—things that are frequently absent from standard campgrounds. For a few, this will be the ideal fusion of luxury and environment. This is a great choice for a fun and memorable outdoor adventure, especially for families with children. Camping is a fantastic way to spend time with loved ones, unplug from technology, and go on new adventures.

Premium Cabins

As opposed to tent camping, which frequently lacks convenient access to lavatories and showers, glamping options such as yurts, safari tents, and airstream trailers frequently provide an attached bathroom. Having a room with shower and toilet facilities, even if it's only a door, is undoubtedly more handy than setting up a tent and heading outside to use the lavatory.

Glamping is not only more pleasant, but it's also safer in certain aspects. While RVs, campers, and yurts are often made to keep you safe from wildlife that may be drawn to the sounds or scent of food coming from your campground, tents can be magnets for wildlife.

Pure camping offers a unique connection to nature, but glamping is a fantastic substitute for those who want to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home. Families, couples, or those with medical conditions who might find it difficult to sleep on a rough tent floor should also consider this choice.


RVs are more versatile than other forms of lodging, so they provide travellers with a unique experience. You have the flexibility to alter your itinerary at any time and make plans on the fly. Furthermore, reservations for restaurants and hotels are not a concern.

Cooking and laundry can also be done outside. But you should carefully store your food because leaving it out will draw in local wildlife such as bears and raccoons. As an alternative, you might pack a cooler to preserve the freshness and security of your food.

Glamping is a great choice if you enjoy the notion of camping but find it uncomfortable to sleep in a tent on the ground. The finest of both worlds is provided by glamping, which allows you to enjoy all the amenities of home while sleeping in a more comfortable setting. Even campsites for glamping with power and running water are available.

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